Sens Rink Projets

We are proud to have been part of the accomplishment of 4 hockey rinks, Parc Gilbert Garneau & Parc Fontaine Parc Centrale and Park Jack-Eyamie  and a 5th coming up in the summer of 2018 for which we were implicated from start to finish overseeing the construction aspect for the Ottawa Senators Foundation. The rinks in which we have been involved are located in the city of Gatineau and are part of the Sens RINK Program.

Sens Rink Program…

Lack of physical activity among Canadian children and youth is at crisis proportions. A child’s overall physical activity level is linked to physical and mental health, maintenance of a healthy body weight, academic performance, motor skill development, and physical literacy.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club have committed to build 20 SENS RINKS giving children and families access to year-round activities including hockey, skating, ball hockey, basketball, lacrosse in addition to community activities of all kinds. These outdoor recreational facilities will provide easily accessible recreation and sport opportunities for communities within Ottawa, Gatineau and other areas across the region.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation’s SENS RINKS program will enable hundreds of kids and families to have a place in their community to get active, establish healthy routines and provide access to programs and activities that otherwise would have been out of reach.